The Lost Woods Society

                                                                                  Welcome To the Lost Woods Society

 Our Symbol and Philosophy;

 The Lost Woods is a symbol of mystery, we literally will get "lost" to discover the truth. There is no paranormal or earthly wonder that is too big or too small for us to research. 

Our Mission:

Our mission is travel, research, investigate, and document the strange happenings all around us and shed some education back into the community for better awareness and understanding. From investigating hauntings, to  various UFO and cryptid sightings, from mapping ley lines, ancient structures, to taking part in possessions and warding off the unknown we use both scientific standards and majickal methods including divination, and knowledge of lore and mythology to accomplish any task or investigation. Understanding paranormal claims is a serious and dedicated field achieving "actual" evidence is what we do while separating it from hoaxes and natural occurrences.

Our Charity:

We are also a group dedicated to the awareness of and preservation of places and inhabitants of historical and paranormal claims for purposes of education, further research, and the natural wonder and beauty that is brought.



                                Hiring the Lost Wood Society Services or Questions and Membership toward us 

    We as a society hold many services to the public and to the private sector, We will schedule appointments and hold consultations anytime and work with you the client's personal schedule
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