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Remodeling and Reinvention

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Apologize for the looooooong abcense, very busy busy in other terms and work,


  I will be updating and remodeling the website, Dao may have a new name, WE will be "downsizing and Upsizing at same time"  meaning We are moving to become a more professional service, and less everyday ghost and paranormal social group, details to follow, expect a upcoming quarter meeting. I will try to not hibernate this winter.


anyone interested in reading this online journal

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Tim Beckley's Conspiracy Journal

On a online radio ad you need to email a request with your name and address to [email protected] , I wouldnt do it until isee its a real thing

still, if i can get these and members are interested lets check em out     ; Issue 32           ; Issue 31

Forum edits and changes

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Just edited the forum some.. clipped some, added some....

check out the categories for

the new podcast show  Whispering Woods radio where you can ask questions, suggest new talks, and have a conversation during the talk recording as well

and dao paranormal questions and answers where anyone can ask anything related to magick, occult, and the paranormal we investigate here

The Jefferson County ?Devil Bat?

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The Jefferson County “Devil Bat”

Since I started this column a few years ago I have never had anyone come to me with newsworthy information. Until now.

On Sunday January 5th, 2013 a gentleman came to my office in Harpers Ferry, WV which in the county of Jefferson with a fantastic claim. He said that he and his family were out hiking near a long abandoned campsite about 1.5 miles west of Harpers Ferry. It was near dusk and getting dark (I would estimate around 5:00 PM EST). It was himself, his wife and two daughters. They carried only snacks, bottled water, two iPhones and an SLR digital camera between the four of them. The gentleman (who I will call "George" from now on although, for privacy, it is not his real name), claimed they could hear "rustling in the branches above us". He estimated that they were less than one quarter mile from their car, but far enough away that they became a bit "frightened".

He estimated that they were less than one quarter mile from their car, but far enough away that they became a bit "frightened".

© 2012 Nokia© 2013 Microsoft Corporation Location: Jefferson County, WV39.307621002197; -77.862762451172I was familiar with this areas having lived here since 2009. I asked George why they chose this area since certain parts were closed to the public. "I went there when I was a kid. My parents took me there in the 70's. It used to be a [location deleted for safety reasons] back then and we went for a few consecutive years," he said. "I remember there were these really cool caves you could tour and I was curious if they were still there. They were, but [in]accessible because of the lack of maintenance I guess."

George went on to tell me that as it go darker, the noises above came closer and seemed to become "angry almost". They looked up and around. About thirty feet away and about fifteen feet up they saw "two great big glowing circles - eyes", he exclaimed. "I've been hunting dear around here with my dad and then my brother and friends for years. I have never seen anything like that." I asked him if it could have been an owl or other known night creature. He held up his hands about eighteen inches apart and said they were "this far apart. No way it was and owl, mountain lion or bear. They were like this big too," he said making an OK sign with his fingers, about the size of a standard D-battery flashlight lens.

I was at this point that George showed me an iPhone and a Fuji 14MP digital camera. He said that before it set in that there was something not quite natural about the glowing circles in the trees, they tried to take some pictures with the iPhone and camera. I offered to plug the camera in to our presentation monitor or computer and look at them in detail, but declined. George works for the government and was concerned about his job if it got out he was 1. trespassing and 2. taking pictures of "demons". He noted that the iPhone in particular had information on the owner encrypted into the photos and, until he could remove this encryption himself and be 100% sure they could not be traced back to him, he would not take the chance.

We turned the devices on and I looked at their view screens starting with iPhone. The phone belonged to George's wife and she took the picture. It had a bit of motion blur, but you could see a "mass", some branches and two red glowing circles. On the Fuji we saw a little more detail. A large mass in the trees, obscured by branches and two circles that seemed to "emit" light as opposed to simply reflecting it. From the central mass you could see what appeared to be extremely tattered feathers or maybe ragged strips of cloth.

George went on to say that after he took the pictures the "thing in the trees" started "float from tree to tree" very quickly. It would appear to push off one tree than dart to the next in a quick glide. "Then it screamed at us," George claimed with a swallow. He continued, "I never heard anything like that - ever. I have heard owls scream and a mountain lion sound like a baby crying. This weren't those."

George and his family than ran as fast as they could to car. "My wife and kids were crying. You'd a thought we were running from the devil."

My wife and kids were crying. You'd a thought we were running from the devil.

George told me that they were definitely being chased by it. When they finally got to their car, they could hear it stalking above, circling them. They pulled away as fast they could. He said this had happened two weeks earlier on a Saturday. It took him this long to decide if he should tell anyone about this. He found me online. I asked him a few more questions to flesh out my notes. He said he would stay in contact and drop the photos off within a few days when he decrypted them.

Before he left, I asked George if he could describe in anymore detail. "It was a monster. I couldn't see the face and I'm glad. But it did remind me of a bat."

So, is this a hoax? I have interviewed dozens of people with claims of the paranormal over the years and "George" seemed very scared when recounting parts of this tale. Was is the Mothman? I don't know. It didn't seem like the drawings I have seen in the past.

George has not been back since. I will be investigating the area he reported within the next few days. Although I will keep his identity secret to protect his privacy and job, I am revealing his story with hope of learning of more eyewitnesses. I have also started a file on the Jefferson County Phantom.

Please contact me via email or phone.

[email protected]


Suggested by the author: Mothman Festival to celebrate it's 10th anniversay this yearThe Mothman: urban legand, or real creature?

Check this out next time at walmart!

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FacebookTwitter "In June, 2008, I was shopping in my local Walmart in Grants Pass, Oregon," reports Audrie. "I was wandering the store getting my groceries when I noticed a Walmart employee (wearing the blue smock uniform) just standing at the edge of the isle. I thought it was weird because he wasn't moving, just staring at something or someone. He was tall, very pale, and had long black hair. When I got closer, I noticed that his eyes were completely black. No pupils, irises, or whites whatsoever!

"I just stared at him and he seemed to be staring at me. Scared me to death, mostly because it was hard to tell where he was looking. I had no idea if it was at me or someone else. I moved on with my shopping, but saw him there about four or five times total on different dates, and every time I saw him he was just standing around, not moving. I tried to rule out things like black contacts because it is hard to believe was that the manager would let him wear something so utterly creepy to work. I have no idea what he was, but he wasn't normal, and to this day it still bugs me that I don't know if he was a real employee or not."

I think we've all seen very strange characters at Walmart, Audrie, but this guy gets a 10 on the creep scale. One idea about these black-eyed people is that they wear black contacts just to freak people out. But, as you say, it doesn't seem like his manger would approve... unless... *gulp* ... he was the manager! Which would explain why he's just standing around making people feel uncomfortable.

In any case, these black-eyed people -- whether they are pranksters, aliens, demons, weirdos, or Walmart employees -- they continue to unnerve everyone who sees them. Consider these other reports:

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Murder Victim's Family Says Paranormal Group Is Dead Wrong

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Good Article to read! good lesson from this too!

Murder Victim's Family Says Paranormal Group Is Dead Wrong Posted by Paranormal News on September 3, 2012 at 6:30pmView Blog Murder Victim's Brother Says That Evidence Found By Worsley Paranormal Group & Their Theory Is Dead Wrong.

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Monday, September 3rd, 2012

Article By: Phillip Brunelle

MANCHESTER, UNITED KINGDOM --- A brutal crime against five children nearly five decades ago is making UK news headlines this week... after [potentially] new evidence was discovered by ghost hunters from the Worsley Paranormal Group.

Between 1963 and 1965, convicted killers Ian Brady and Myra Hindley, murdered five children. The bodies of three children were discovered buried on Saddleworth Moor, near Manchester UK, and the body of a fourth child was found at the home of Ian Brady. The body of the fifth child, Keith Bennett, was never found, nor was the spade, which was said to be the murder weapon.


When such a brutal crime against children occurs, it captivates the attention of everyone, but when aspects of a murder remain unsolved for decades, such as undiscovered remains of a murder victim and a missing murder weapon, the case gets the attention of psychics and paranormal investigators.


The Worsley Paranormal Group has been conducting paranormal investigations in the Saddleworth Moor area for several months. Erica Gregory, the founder of the Worsley Paranormal Group, uploads and shares videos of the group's paranormal evidence on YouTube and on Facebook, and even here on Haunted Society, which includes possible EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) evidence from Saddleworth Moor.


During their last paranormal investigation of Saddleworth Moor, the ghost hunters of Worsley Paranormal Group said they found evidence beyond the paranormal. The group discovered an old spade, which they believed could have been the missing murder weapon used by Ian Brady, in the murders of five children.


The paranormal group turned the spade over to Steve Kershaw, a forensic expert at Manchester Metropolitan University, who said that despite extensive testing, it's not possible to link the spade to Ian Brady, or the murder victims.


"Even if we had lots more time, and even if we had established that it was a spade from the 60s or predated the 60s, we would not have necessarily established if it has anything to do with Ian Brady." Steve Kershaw said, he continued saying, "The only way we would have been able to tell is if it had DNA on it, and that's harder to tell with the handle gone, and with the spade being so corroded."

The discovery of the corroded spade, that was found buried in Saddleworth Moor, has put the Ian Brady case back into news headlines, and has sparked some harsh words by Alan Bennett, the brother of Keith Bennett, one of the murdered children whose body has never been found.


Calling Alan Bennett a skeptic, or stating his dislike for the ghost hunters of Worsley Paranormal Group, would be putting it lightly. "This is complete nonsense... as is the Worsley Paranormal Group’s theories and activities" Alan Bennett said, speaking on the discovery of the buried spade.


"They're all over the internet, chasing anybody who they think will listen to them. They post videos claiming to have picked up Keith on a ‘ghost box’ machine, all of which I find totally disgusting." Alan Bennett said. "It seems now they have gone to the news, just like the other ‘oddballs’ in the news lately. They have seen their moment to jump on the bandwagon with all the recent publicity about the case." Alan Bennett continued.

Aside from Alan Bennett claiming that the Worsley Paranormal Group is doing more publicity hunting than ghost hunting, he also cited the group has become aggressive with him. "They know my thoughts on their ‘findings’ and when they realized, finally, that I could not take them seriously, they got very angry to the point of being abusive." Alan Bennett said.


The Worsley Paranormal Group posted a public statement on their Facebook Page, denying Bennett's claims, and said they have never met Alan Bennett. This, of course, motivated Phillip Brunelle, Founder of Haunted Society, and a news journalist on all things paranormal, to dig a little deeper, to complete this story of a spade... or spade of a story.


Erica Gregory, founder of Worsley Paranormal Group, in a hesitant statement, said "We have done nothing wrong". Sensing that Erica Gregory was apprehensive about speaking with me, I assured her that I'm only hoping to prevent a one-sided story, basing it solely on facts. She continued on... denying the allegations that her team of ghost hunters had been abusive toward Alan Bennett. "As for getting aggressive with him, that's totally ridiculous, we are nice people. He should have never said these things when he has no knowledge what-so-ever on the subject." Erica Gregory said.


Offering a possible explanation for the upset statements made by Alan Bennett, Erica Gregory said "There are reasons for this anger from the brother [Alan Bennett], and it's partly to do with psychic mediums". Erica Gregory went on to explain, "His mum believed in them, but he doesn't".

Winnie Johnson, mother of the murder victim, Keith Bennett, fought a long campaign to get Ian Brady to reveal the location of her son's body. Last month, authorities discovered new information that Ian Brady revealed to a mental health advocate, leading to possible locations of Keith Bennett's body. However, exactly one day before she was told about this new lead in the case, Winnie Johnson died.

In a continued defense of her ghost hunting team, Worsley Paranormal Group, Erica Gregory said "Our work is based on physical evidence", but Erica Gregory denies ever saying that any paranormal evidence, more specifically EVPs, was the voice of murder victim, Keith Bennett.


There's a lot of explanation about what didn't happen in this story, and on that note, when the Manchester Police were contacted for a statement regarding the spade that Worsley Paranormal Group discovered in Saddleworth Moor, a police spokesperson told Haunted Society Paranormal News that they had no knowledge that the group had found a spade.


Further investigation into this story revealed that the Worsley Paranormal Group personally handled the spade, and turned it over to forensic expert Steve Kershaw, for an independent forensic analysis. This mean that even if Steve Kershaw had discovered pertinent clues when testing the spade, linking to the murders, legally, the chain of evidence would have been tainted. The proper procedure for finding potential evidence should always result in someone keeping clear of it, and the authorities being informed about the discovery.


"This ‘find’ is of no help to us." Alan Bennett said, he continued, "A spade may well have been found again, as many have been before, but it does not tie in with any of the other information or evidence we have relating to Keith. Their need for publicity and their desperation to get anyone to listen to them is evident from their pursuit of various individuals on the internet, usually as uninformed or as crass as themselves."

In response to the statements by Alan Bennett, Worsley Paranormal Group founder, Erica Gregory said "He has made us more determined to do even more now, and finish this." and in the ending of her emailed statement, she continued, "You can show our videos, and see what opinion you get, that's okay as long as you present us as normal, and not mad, that's not what we are."


A follow-up email was sent to Erica Gregory for a statement on her handling the Saddleworth Moor spade, why the group didn't contact the police, and to get clarification about contact that the group did have with Alan Bennett, but no further comment was given by Worsley Paranormal Group.


We have asked for opinions on our Facebook Page Here, before publishing this news story, to see what other people thought about presenting unsolicited paranormal evidence to the family of a murder victim, and Nikki Weslowsky - Peterson, Co-Founder of Northern Paranormal Investigations, located in Vancouver BC Canada, said "I don't think that any psychic or paranormal investigator should ever give unsolicited paranormal evidence to a victims family or friends". Nikki Weslowsky - Peterson continued, saying "If a person feels they have pertinent or comforting information, they should contact local authorities involved in the case and let them decide what to do with that information."


Now, we are asking you, where are the boundaries when it comes to paranormal investigations, or the appearances of psychics, with cases such as this? When is it okay to present the family of a murder victim with unsolicited paranormal evidence, or to conduct a search for physical evidence, and independent forensic testing on evidence that might be linked to a case? Please take a minute to comment below with your opinion. If you're not yet a member of Haunted Society Paranormal Network, Join Here. This is a free social networking website dedicated to the paranormal, and a trusted source of paranormal news.

Tyr's Hand Radio

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My new podcast station to play with to talk about a range of topics including all we do within the Dao, Feel free to follow, I hope to get some of us members on it as well to talk paranormal and even have meeting discissions as podcasts

New Forum Categories

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Be sure to check out and add to the categories in the forums i added so we can add research, pics, and personal experience on them both on crypto profiles and spirit profiles...

Found: Whale Thought Extinct for 2 Million Years

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Article: Found: Whale Thought Extinct for 2 Million Years Tia Ghose, LiveScience Staff Writer Date: 18 December 2012 Time: 07:01 PM ET The pygmy whale, a mysterious cetacean that looks radically different from all living whales, is actually the last living member of a group thought to have gone extinct 2 million years ago

CREDIT: Darryl Wilson, University of Otago, ONE-TIME-USE ONLY

View full size image The pygmy right whale, a mysterious and elusive creature that rarely comes to shore, is the last living relative of an ancient group of whales long believed to be extinct, a new study suggests.

The findings, published today (Dec. 18) in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B, may help to explain why the enigmatic marine mammals look so different from any other living whale.

"The living pygmy right whale is, if you like, a remnant, almost like a living fossil," said Felix Marx, a paleontologist at the University of Otago in New Zealand. "It's the last survivor of quite an ancient lineage that until now no one thought was around."

Living fossil

The relatively diminutive pygmy right whale, which grows to just 21 feet (6.5 meters) long, lives out in the open ocean. The elusive marine mammals inhabit the Southern Hemisphere and have only been spotted at sea a few dozen times. As a result, scientists know almost nothing about the species' habits or social structure.

The strange creature's arched, frownlike snout makes it look oddly different from other living whales. DNA analysis suggested pygmy right whales diverged from modern baleen whales such as the blue whale and the humpback whale between 17 million and 25 million years ago. However, the pygmy whales' snouts suggested they were more closely related to the family of whales that includes the bowhead whale. Yet there were no studies of fossils showing how the pygmy whale had evolved, Marx said. [In Photos: Tracking Humpback Whales]

To understand how the pygmy whale fit into the lineage of whales, Marx and his colleagues carefully analyzed the skull bones and other fossil fragments from pygmy right whales and several other ancient cetaceans.

The pygmy whale's skull most closely resembled that of an ancient family of whales called cetotheres that were thought to have gone extinct around 2 million years ago, the researchers found. Cetotheres emerged about 15 million years ago and once occupied oceans across the globe.

The findings help explain how pygmy whales evolved and may also help shed light on how these ancient "lost" whales lived. The new information is also a first step in reconstructing the ancient lineage all the way back to the point when all members of this group first diverged, he said.

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On going Closed investigation

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Right now I have a active ongoing closed investigation going on right now at a private residence observing and documenting spirit acitivty while the owner is away, photos and evidence will be posted as i deem necessary since its a private locked investigation, there will be news updates posted in the dao case evidence section