The Lost Woods Society


Remodeling and Reinvention

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Apologize for the looooooong abcense, very busy busy in other terms and work,


  I will be updating and remodeling the website, Dao may have a new name, WE will be "downsizing and Upsizing at same time"  meaning We are moving to become a more professional service, and less everyday ghost and paranormal social group, details to follow, expect a upcoming quarter meeting. I will try to not hibernate this winter.


anyone interested in reading this online journal

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Tim Beckley's Conspiracy Journal

On a online radio ad you need to email a request with your name and address to [email protected] , I wouldnt do it until isee its a real thing

still, if i can get these and members are interested lets check em out     ; Issue 32           ; Issue 31

Forum edits and changes

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Just edited the forum some.. clipped some, added some....

check out the categories for

the new podcast show  Whispering Woods radio where you can ask questions, suggest new talks, and have a conversation during the talk recording as well

and dao paranormal questions and answers where anyone can ask anything related to magick, occult, and the paranormal we investigate here

Tyr's Hand Radio

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My new podcast station to play with to talk about a range of topics including all we do within the Dao, Feel free to follow, I hope to get some of us members on it as well to talk paranormal and even have meeting discissions as podcasts

On going Closed investigation

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Right now I have a active ongoing closed investigation going on right now at a private residence observing and documenting spirit acitivty while the owner is away, photos and evidence will be posted as i deem necessary since its a private locked investigation, there will be news updates posted in the dao case evidence section

January Meeting

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Check the posting on the calenders for more information on meeting

Up Coming Roc On Convention

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Roc-con Hudson ValleyPrint ticketExport Share Sunday, April 7, 2013

10:00 AM to 5:00 PM


2170 South Rd, Rte 9, , Poughkeepsie, NY(map)

Just look for the crazy chamber people.Attention all sci-fi lovers!

Roc-Con Sci-fi Convention is coming for the first time to the Hudson Valley and KEPRI has been invited to do a panel!  We'll have a fan table beside our sister group, The Dao Paranormal Society and both of us will be talking (independently) about what we do best.

Other great guests include:

JG Hertzler (Martok from Deep Space 9)

Alan Kupperberg (Marvel and DC comic artist)

Mark McKenna (famed comic book artist)

Tim McCormack (Actor, Star Trek: TNG)

And many more!

We will be working on our own panel and will update with the subject very soon!  We're so excited and can't wait!!!

Please visit: Roc-Con for more info!


The Dao is still alive

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 yes we are still active, just finally getting orginzed and getting time to work on this project of a group, i do apologize! any new members on here please keep on eye on updates as well as our page


Thanks!!!!   Z  

CT Pagan/Wiccan Network events on Forum now

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 Their website and schedule of events is listed in forum now, if any one is interested, keep checking back for updates and changes,

they are a great group! It would be nice if members can make some of these events, represent the dao ( yea we like big brother lol)


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I just want to congradulate our two new members Renee and her boyfriend Andrew to the Dao family. Both have rich experience in the paranormal and will be great assets to the Dao.

Also note Renne took the position of the grove of the ancient willow druid of fire, she will be training and working in her new role!, congrats again!

She and Andrew work in their group called Kepri which hikes and tours the Nimham mountaint state forest trails exploring and taking care of the stone chambers there. Andrew also has expereince as a techie, using and fixing all kinds of equipment.

The Dao welcomes you both and all of Kepri!