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Standard Investigation - We will investigate the property thoroughly, conduct client interviews, collect scientific evidence  to include, but not limited to EVP's, photographs, and will give them to the client as proof. We will either share your evidence or not (clients discretion) and will keep your privacy when sharing. We investigate cases of Hauntings, Cryptids, Demons, majickal and occult traces, UFOS, earthly mysteries, etc


Removals - We also offer removal of any entity that we may find on the clients property during an investigation. This includes house blessings, purification, cleansing, exorcism and can be tailored to fit your religious beliefs.


Artifact handlingWe will assist in handling, identyfing, and storing, all odd and cursed objects that you may find or own. 


 Astrology, Divination, mediumship, and Oracle work - Extra service to assist in investigations or for your own curiosity.



   ** All investigations will be kept confidential between client and this group, any presented information will have changed names to protect the client **